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Several faculty incorporate climate change and PC3 initiatives into their general curriculum courses, including:

Professor Miriam Shakow – Politics of Climate Change course;
Professor Matthew Cathel – Biotech Environmental Systems course;
Professor Susanna Monseau – environmental law and legal responses to climate change;
Professor Donald Hirsh – laboratory on carbon dioxide monitoring;
Professor Leeann Thornton – the carbon cycle and the role of plants in global warming;
Professor Karen Becker – consumer attitudes toward climate change;
Professor Diane Bates – climate change and probability models;
Professor Janet Gray – climate change in children’s literature;
Professor Janet Morrison – the effect of global warming on tree/pest dynamics in Western forests;

Selected TCNJ faculty research and teaching on sustainability includes:

Dr. Miriam Shakow

Dr. Miriam Shakow teaches the Politics of Climate Change. The premise of the course is for students to divide themselves into groups and create a campaign to influence policy change at TCNJ centered around sustainability and reducing the College’s gas emissions. Past groups have researched the possibility of a Sustainability Coordinator on campus. Other groups have campaigned for more vegan options to dining services, established a Citizens Climate Lobby chapter at TCNJ, and built pollinator gardens around campus.

Dr. Lisa Grega

With two students, Dr. Grega, is working on a project funded by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to identify sites for wind turbine deployment in the central New Jersey area.

Dr. George Facas

Dr. Facas is working with students to create a semi-portable water desalination/water purification device to provide sustainable portable water to communities with limited fresh water.

Professor Nathan Magee

Prof. Magee is with his students has worked on ice crystal kinetics with direct application to cirrus clouds and their influence on climate.

Dr. John McCarty

Dr. McCarty has published on marketing and environmental issues, specifically how to use marketing to get people to engage in environmentally responsible behavior.