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Environmental Courses

The College offers an extensive catalog of environmental and sustainability courses in its many schools and units. These are some of the courses are offered each semester or annual and include the following:

First Year Seminar:

FSP 164: The Politics of Climate Change

School of Business:

ECO 350: Economics of Environmental Quality

School of Education:

ELE/ESE 100 Environmental Sustainability in Education: An Introduction
ELE/ESE 220 Sustainability and Society
MST 203: Environmental Science for Educators

School of Engineering:

CIV 381: Introduction to Environmental Engineering

School of Humanities and Social Sciences:

ANT 271: The Politics of Climate Change
ANT 341: Environmental Anthropology
HIS 350: Environmental History
JPW 270: Reporting on Health and the Environment
LIT 318: The History of Nature
POL 307: Environmental Policy
POL 355: Political Economy of Natural Resources
PHL 265: Environmental Ethics
SOC 345: Inequality, Pollution, and the Environment
ETE 470: Environmental/Biotech Systems
WGS 374: Ecofeminism

School of Science:

BIO 173: Humanity and the Natural World
BIO 221: Ecology and Field Biology
BIO 315: Plants and People
BIO 360: Oceanography
BIO 365/366: Natural History of the Galapagos Islands
BIO 375: Environmental Quality, Protection, and Health
CHEM 365: Chemical Aspects of the Environment
PHY 120: Introduction to Geology
PHY 171: Introduction to Meteorology
PHY 220: Advanced Geology
PHY 345: Physics of Clouds and Climate

Graduate Courses:

ESED 501: Environmental Science for Teachers and Leaders
ESED 520: EcoJustice and Socioscientific Issues
ESED 600: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Environmental Sustainability Education
PUBG 610: Environmental Policy
STEM 641: Biotechnology Systems and Sustainable Design