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Transportation Options

Summary of TCNJ Transportation Survey Results are available here: PC3 Transit Survey Report!


Walking to and from campus is a free, convenient way of transportation. You can save time (parking and then walking to your class) and money (gas!) by walking to campus. For more information about the benefits of walking, read this infographic; to plot your route to school, use Google Maps.


PC3 works to promote biking to and from campus to help the campus community reduce greenhouse gases, save time, save money, reduce traffic, and get some exercise. For more information about biking to and from campus, visit this site.


There are currently two bus routes that stop on or near TCNJ’s campus: NJTransit routes 601 and 624. Both provide direct service to the Trenton Transit Center (Amtrak, NJTransit, Septa, RiverLine, buses) and downtown Trenton. A helpful resource for deciding which bus route to take and how to plan your trip can be found here.

601 takes approximately 31 minutes between TCNJ and Trenton Transit Center. More information and the 601 schedule are available here.

624 takes approximately 18 minutes between Trenton Transit Center and TCNJ’s main entrance. More information and the 624 schedule are available here.

Full-time students are eligible to receive a rail, bus, or light rail monthly pass at 25% off of the regular monthly pass price, when they enroll online through NJ Transit’s Quik-Tik program. More information can be found here.

carpoolCarpool or Rideshare

Want to save gas? Hate waiting to park? Want premium parking? Want to slow global warming? Want to save some money?

TCNJ’s carpool program allows you to find rides with fellow TCNJ students. Join today to split the cost and hassle of commuting. More information is available here.

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