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Dining Services Waste Reduction

As the dining services provider on TCNJ’s campus, Sodexo makes an effort to reduce the amount of waste its operations and its customers produce. You can find more information about their efforts here. Here are some examples of their sustainability efforts:

  • We have worked with our vendors to reduce the number of deliveries to campus and require a minimum order ensuring trucks are nearly full. This reduces pollution to our environment, while saving time and money.
  • TCNJ Dining Services supports our local farmers in the tri-state area: PA, NJ, and NY. Offering locally grown produce is a part of our commitment to provide clients with fresh and great-tasting food while supporting communities where we do business.
  • We also support the tri-state community by purchasing baked goods from local vendors.
  • We also prepare and bake our own whole wheat dough daily reducing the need for deliveries, gasoline usage and carbon emissions.
  • We partnered with Ecolab to use only green chemicals in all of our dining facilities.