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Introducing TCNJ Rideshare App

TCNJRideshareLogo2TCNJ students have developed a new app—TCNJ Rideshare—that helps members of the campus community find people with whom to share rides. It’s like Uber, but free!

Information is available at or you can download the TCNJ Rideshare app directly from the App Store or Google Play Store.

The goal is to help users cut the cost of driving and to reduce TCNJ’s greenhouse gas emissions. Users can find rides for their daily commutes, for a trip back to their hometown for the weekend, or for a night out on the town. People who don’t have cars can use it to find transportation. Users with cars can share the cost of driving.

Only members of the TCNJ community can access this service. Creating a profile requires a TCNJ email address, which the app uses to verify that the person is a TCNJ student, staff or faculty member.

The most frequent users of TCNJ Rideshare will earn exclusive rights to a premium parking spot for a month. Premium parking spots are available in the front of lots 1 and 4 (for faculty and staff) and lots 5 and 7 (for students). The most frequent users of TCNJ Rideshare receive a hang-tag that allows them, and nobody else, to park in the spot for a month.